Welcome from the MCR President



On behalf of the Middle Common Room Committee, let me warmly welcome you to the postgraduate community at St Anne’s College. Whether you are arriving to the United Kingdom for the first time, moving to Oxford from another part of the country, or just switching Colleges, engaging in postgraduate studies is both an exciting and trepidatious prospect. The wonderful thing about belonging to St Anne’s is that within a few days you will find your- self a part of its vibrant and diverse community.


This Freshers’ Guidebook – produced by the MCR Committee and the Academic Office – will help you find your way around the Col- lege and Oxford as you get used to its unique, if idiosyncratic, ways. In it, we offer practical advice from both an official perspec- tive and our personal experience. There is more to know about St Anne’s and, indeed, about Oxford than any single book could con- tain, so feel free to ask your Freshers’ Week Helpers or staff from the Academic Office.


The postgraduate community at St Anne’s is comprised of students from all over the world studying many different subjects. We have no particular specialities, though we excel in most disciplines. My favourite part about being a member of St Anne’s is that I can have conversations over dinner in hall that range from quantum mechanics to the political economy of Proust.


I strongly encourage you to get involved in College life, starting with the events we have planned for you in Freshers’ Week. The time you spend here will be memorable, but hopefully for more reasons than just the number of hours you might spend in the library or laboratory!




Laura E. Ludtke
MCR President, 2012-201

Laura Ludtke

Laura Ludtke is a D.Phil in English Literature.

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