Your 20 minutes of weekly general knowledge! Every Monday, STAMP brings to you the world-class research done by graduate students at St Anne’s College, Oxford, in an easy and non-technical way. Every area of knowledge is covered, with a different topic each week, ranging from the Humanities all the way to the Social Sciences and the Sciences.

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Identity and Culture in French Medieval Society, with Ramani Chandramohan.

International Development, Healthcare Access and Mental Health in Research, with Lise Cazzoli

Materials for Fusion Technology and the Future of Energy Production, with Brad Young

Teaching European Languages and Mandarin in British Secondary Schools, with Ye-Ye Xu

International Health and Infectious Diseases – a Medic’s Perspective, with Karina Darbinian (part 1)

International Health and Infectious Diseases – a Medic’s perspective, with Karina Darbinian (part 2)

Is it Morally Wrong to Smoke? Metaphysics and Moral Philosophy, with Farbod Akhlaghi (part 1)