Advertising to the MCR

If you wish to advertise to the MCR (e.g. surveys, seminars, calls for volunteers/experiment participants, openings for summer jobs), you can contact our Secretary, who will include the message in the weekly Secretary’s E-Mail. Please note that we adhere to the Careers Service policy with regards to not advertising unpaid internships.


The MCR committee is elected annually during the latter part of Michaelmas Term. The officers of the current MCR committee are shown below, along with their contact details.


Your MCR committee are here to work hard to maintain and improve the graduate experience here in St. Anne’s, within the MCR and via liaison with St. Anne’s College. They are responsible for organising all kinds of events (from social events to academic discussion groups to sports); for maintaining MCR facilities such as the common room, IT room, and tea and coffee; for supporting academic work; and for student welfare.


Importantly, members of the MCR committee participate in college’s meetings (concerning college regulations, academic affairs, accommodation, college-maintained facilities, and welfare) and make suggestions to them that we believe will cater to your needs. If you have any suggestions, concerns, questions, or criticisms – whether it be personal to you or more general, and whether it be with regard to social, academic, domestic, or any other aspect of MCR life at St. Anne’s – please do not hesitate to contact relevant committee members. Alternatively, you can bring forward any issues or proposals you have to one of our regular MCR meetings.



Lukas Beck

Vice President

Rebecca Kearney

Interim Treasurer

Nesrine Ramadan

Interim Secretary

Stefania Gargioni

Interim Social Secretary

Lisa Rodermund

Social Secretary

Ben Kett

Interim Social Secretary

Anna Bru Revert

Interim Social Secretary

Gabriel Peréz Callejo

LGBTQ+ Officer

Alison Walsh

Academic Affairs Officer

Valeria Taddei

Charities Officer


Computer Rep

Karel Lenc

Environment Officer

Charles Phillips

Equalities Officer

Irene Petraroli

International Rep

Kal Leung

OUSU Representative

Johanna Ernst

RSH Representative

Naomi Lester

Interim Sports Secretary

Nick Dodds

Women’s Officer

Nicole Eichert

Interim Welfare Officer

Mimi Lu

Welfare Officer

Ross Gales