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The St Anne’s Academic Review (STAAR) is an annual interdisciplinary publication, entirely run by students, featuring research, academic opinion pieces, creative writing, poetry/prose, reviews and other writings that aptly showcase the college’s intellectual activity of the year.
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Thanks to all contributors for their full drafts. After a collective and rigorously anonymous selection process, the Editorial Board assigned the STAAR Best Contribution Prize 2017. Congratulations to the winner Alexander Gilbert, and to the runner-up Jun Tham!


Next steps: all authors will be individually contacted by editors for the next two rounds of corrections. You will receive your first round of comments by Friday, 16 June, and will need to re-send your updated draft to your editor for review by Friday, 21 July.
STAAR 8 is due to come out in September 2017.


Editorial Committee 2016-2017:


Chief Editor:
Emily Schultz (MSc, Higher Education)


Editorial Board:
Kanta Dihal (DPhil, English)
Alexander Gilbert (BPhil, Philosophy)
Alexandra Jamieson (DPhil, Archeological Science)
Emily Meachon (MSc, Psychological Research)
Shivani Misra (BCL, Public Law)
Merili Pullerits (MSc, Criminology and Criminal Justice)
Thomas Stennet (MSt, Modern Languages)
Tham Chui-Jun (MPhil, Traditional East Asia Studies)


STAAR 7 – 2016, Fight/Flight, is awaiting publication.


Editorial Committee 2015-2016:
Chief Editors:
Emily Grant (MSc, Refugee and Forced Migration Studies)
Dianna Anderson (MSt, Women’s Studies)


Editorial Board:
Kanta Dihal (DPhil, English)
Brad Blankemeyer (DPhil, History)
Zain Khawaja (MSc, Engineering)
Bogdan Toader (DPhil, Mathematics)


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STAAR 6 – 2015


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STAAR 5 – 2014

STAAR 4 – 2012


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