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The St Anne’s Academic Review (STAAR) is an annual interdisciplinary publication run by St. Anne’s graduate students. It features research articles, opinion pieces, field reviews, creative writing, book and event reviews from all disciplines written by St Anne’s members (JCR, MCR, SCR). Its goals are to facilitate the dissemination of scholarly knowledge and to showcase to the wider public the college’s intellectual activity of the year.


Our current issue and past issues are available online at Publications. Print copies can be read in the St Anne’s College library and JCR, MCR and SCR common rooms. Copies for private use can be purchased from St Anne’s porters lodge at price cost.


The Editorial Committee is composed by current graduate students who are keen to get experience in publishing. At the start of each academic year, the MCR Academic Officer and the current Editor-in-Chief elect a new Editor-in-Chief. During the winter term a Call for Editors goes out by which the new Editor-in-Chief chooses the editorial board, and the work begins.


Editorial Committee 2018-2019:

Alexandra Jamieson (DPhil, School of Archaeology)


Editorial Board


Laiza Poletti (DPhil, Faculty of Classics)
Sebastian Pohl (BPhil, Faculty of Philosophy)


Social Science
Umar Azmeh (DPhil, Faculty of Law)
Qiaoyu Luo (DPhil, Department of Sociology)


Jamie Gravell (MChem, Department of Chemistry)


Film/Theatre/Book reviews
Daniel Mercieca (MSt, Humanities Division)


Production and Web Design Manager
Valeria Taddei (DPhil, Faculty of Medieval and Modern Languages)


Social Media Manager
Emily Sherriff (MSt, School of Archaeology)


Senior Advisers:

Humanities: Prof. Simon Park, Tutorial Fellow in Portuguese

Sciences: Prof. Kate Watkins, Fellow and Tutor in Psychology

Social Sciences: Prof. Liora Lazarus, Fellow and Tutor in Law

Publishing: Marcelo Zanon, Publishing Operations Director, Oxford University Press


Financial Support:

Our basic yearly running costs are covered by St Anne’s college MCR. Funding for printing and upgrade projects was collected through our 2018 crowdfunding campaign @ReachfortheSTAAR, for which we wish to thank all our supporters.
Special thanks go to our main donors:
Tina Hales
Helen Parker
Marcelo Zanon
Jane Stead
Rina See
Jeremy Lester
Alpesh Patel

If you wish to donate to STAAR or subscribe to receive a copy of our next issue, please get in touch at

For any questions or concerns, please do not hesitate to Contact Us.


St Anne's Academic Review (STAAR)
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