Sport and physical fitness are highly encouraged at Oxford, and the college provides many avenues in which you can practice your favourite sport as well as stay in shape.

This section provides more information on the sports-related resources available to St. Anne’s graduates. If you have any further questions on sports-related matters, please feel free to contact the MCR Sports Secretary, by emailing sports [at]

Some university level sports are liable for reimbursement for subs in Trinity term. Applications are available then and the sports committee decide on the amount given based on various criteria.

Here’s the tentative list of captains for the 2017-2018 season:

Netball – Kirsty McCann [ Kirsty.mccann [at] ]

Badminton – Alex Herzog [ alexander.herzog [at] ]

Tennis – Mitsuo Iwamoto  [ Mitsuo.iwamoto [at] ]

Squash – Harsh Bakshi [ Harsh.bakshi [at] ]

Ultimate Frisbee – Kellie Harkin [ Kellie.harkin [at] ]

Lacrosse – Amy Young [ Amy.young [at] ]

Rugby (M) – Todd Freedman (Vice Captain of joint team with St John’s) [ Todd.freedman [at] ]

Rugby (W) – Maria Lamont [ maria.lamont [at] ]

Football (M) – Ed Welch [ Edward.welch [at] ]

Football (W) – Katie Lee [ Kathryn.lee [at] ]

Rowing (M) – Amy Young [ amy.young [at] ]

Rowing (W) – Megan Hollis [ megan.hollis [at] ]

Cricket – Dougal Main [ Dougal.main [at] ]

Hockey (mixed) – Harry Style (joint with Queen’s College) [ [at] ]

Photograph credit: Margaret Stranks, 2013.