Available Student Support

Peer Supporters

Please do not hesitate to contact the peer supporters to talk with you informally, confidentially and impartially about anything that is concerning you, ranging from academic issues to homesickness. Peer supporters can also point you towards additional welfare resources if you want them. Peer supporters undergo 30 hours of training with the Oxford University Counselling Service and swear to abide by a Code of Practice. Please email the peer supporters to arrange a meeting or catch them at the weekly welfare teas!

Riddhi Jain

Experimental Psychology

Medical Sciences Division Peer Supporter


A message from your peer supporters!

Hi! I’m Riddhi Jain (aka Riddhi Pitliya), I am part of St Anne’s College MCR Student Peer Supporters. Please reach out to me if you would like to talk through any doubts or issues you may have, even if you just need an impartial, completely confidential ear to listen; I also have a range of resources to refer you to. I am an alternative to talking to college welfare staff, supporting you on a more casual, student level. Note that I underwent training with the Oxford University Counselling Service before taking up our post, and I swear to abide by the Code of Practice. You can email me at any time to set up a meeting for yourself or on behalf of friends that you are worried about. I can also be found at T@5 (the weekly teas on Wednesdays).


Welfare Tea and Cake

Wednesday, 4:00 pm (Week 1-8), EPH Common Room

Your welfare officers welcome you every Wednesday in the Common Room to have some tea, biscuits and cake. It is a good opportunity to relax with friends, or meet your reps should you have any welfare concern.


A few times a year, on request

Depending on demand, we sometimes organize meditation sessions in the weekend to spend a relaxing time together and wind off after a busy week.

Movie Nights

1-2 times a term, 8:00 pm, EPH Common Room or Study Room

A few times a term, we gather in the Common Room or the Study Room to watch a movie. We also sometimes organize special movie nights, for instance for Valentine’s Day.

Be Well, Do Well Events

Once a term, 5:30-6.30 pm, Tsuzuki Lecture Theatre

These events are organized by College to help students achieve their full potential. They usually take the form of panel discussions or talks, and an opportunity to share success stories or discuss other welfare matters. Past events have included a panel discussion on taking up leadership roles, and a talk on the importance of sleep. Events are advertised in the What’s On newsletters.