Do I have a culture? Metaphysics and Moral Philosophy (Part 2)

Guillaume Paugam welcomes Farbod Akhlaghi, for the second time, on this episode.  Farbod is a 4th year DPhil student. He specialises in moral philosophy, metaphysics and meta-metaphysics, which respectively ask questions such as: is it morally wrong to do a given action (like smoking, a specific focus of Farbod’s)? Are there any moral facts? What is it to even ask the question “are there any moral facts” in the first place? 
After having talked us through the core of his thesis work last week, Farbod takes us on a discussion of other key philosophical questions. This episode tackles, always very accessibly; issues like “do we have a duty to seek transformative experiences?” or “do third culture kids have a culture?”, this last question resonating strongly with Farbod’s own experience. We also discuss his interest for medieval Islamic philosophy, the need for UK philosophy curricula to include more philosophers from outside Western Europe, and how we can all, as engaged citizens, do philosophy.