St Anne’s Academic Review 2 – 2010

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STAAR Volume 2

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Copyright Information, p. 2


About the Contributors, pp. 3-4


Table of Contents, p. 5


Editorial welcome
by Daria Luchinskaya, p. 6


St Anne’s Conferences

1. Report: Research Trip, Austin, Texas, March 2010
by Karen Heath, pp. 8-9


2. Report: ECER 2010, University of Helsinki, Finland
by Daria Luchinskaya, pp. 10-11


St Anne’s Research

3. Geis, a literary motif in early Irish literature
by Qiu Fangzhe, pp. 13-16


4. Meaning, Truth, and Existence
by Brian Ball, pp. 17-19


5. “She goes out as I enter”: the symbolism and verisimilitude of space and place in Richardson’s Clarissa
by Grace Egan, pp. 20-26


6. The Role of Virtue in Ethics
by Laura Harrison, pp. 27-31


7. Western music and its ‘internalised others’; Modernism, Post-Modernist Experimentalism and the challenge of being the ‘New’
by Eldon Fayers, pp. 32-37


8. Talking whilst driving: A discussion of the difficulties of dual task performance
by Alexander Brown, pp. 38-41


9. Writing Up: How to survive your PhD
by Nina Alphey, pp. 42-44



10. Lunchtime Discussion Groups and Subject Family Events: Past Speakers, pp. 46-48


11. STAAR Submission Guidelines, p. 49


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