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Editorial Committee 2023-2024:


Aušra Bukniutė (MSt, Faculty of Medieval and Modern Languages)

Editorial Board

Social Sciences:

Joanna Rankin (DPhil, Department of Education)

Yayun Chen (MPhil, Department of Economics)


Elliot Vale (MSt, Faculty of English Language and Literature)

Harry Tappenden (BPhil, Philosphy)

L.J. Culp (MSt, Modern Languages)


Jannick Kremer (MSc, Department of Computer Science)

Vedang Narain (DPhil, The Mathematical Institute)

Senior Advisers:

Humanities: Dr Umut Baysan, Departmental Lecturer in Philosophy

Sciences: Dr Yin-Cong Zhi, Postdoctoral researcher in Machine Learning

Social Sciences: Dr Masud Ally, Lecturer in Economics

For any questions or concerns, please do not hesitate to Contact Us.

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