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Symbol of industriousness. Among other things. RF Butler explained: Beavers live in communities and undertake work of a communal character but he returns to sleep in his own little lodge (remaining at heart a ‘home student’).
One of the founders of St Anne's College was married to a Canadian, and the beaver is the national animal of Canada.
The mother of the Virgin Mary, who taught her to read.
Please check your emails, as you have been given extensive information about this before coming to Oxford! Your Bod Card (university card) is very important as you need it to get into University buildings and libraries, loan books, and get food at St Anne's. There are several registration sessions at the start of each term at which you can pick up your Bod Card; you have to bring your ID (and visa if applicable).
You will need to put money on your Bod card before buying a meal or drinks at St Anne's. STACS and the bar take cash, but in Hall you can only pay with your Bod card. Log in to Battels and pick the "EPOS" tab. Under Payment Description, select "Food Top Up" (for food in Hall and STACS) or "Bar Top Up" (for drinks at the bar). You can then pay with your debit or credit card.
You only have to book for special events such as formals; you don't need to book for a regular meal in hall.
Log in to Battels and select "Meal Booking" tab.
You will end up on the Meal Booking calendar, which shows which days have meals you can currently book for.
Make sure you have enough money on your Bod card, this can be topped up in the EPOS tab. Once booked the cost 
of the formal will be deducted immediately.
You can bring anyone you like to regular meals, although you have to pay for everyone with your St Anne's bod card.
For regular formals, you can bring a maximum of three guests, for whom you have to book places via Battels. For MCR dinners, you can bring one guest (booking through the Battels too).

There are some formals to which you can't bring guests, such as the Graduate Freshers Formal and the Christmas Dinner.

College doesn't allow children to attend formals.
Regular formal hall: A maximum of three guests.

MCR Dinner: One guest.

Exchange dinners, Christmas formal, wine tastings: No guests.

MCR events: Ask the MCR organizers for how open the events are.
Second-hand bikes are mostly sold online (e.g. Gumtree or Stuart Bikes). On Facebook, you have the Students of Oxford Swap (Shop) and Buy and Sell Cycling Stuff in Oxfordshire. You can also visit some of the Oxford bike shops, such as Summertown Cycles, Walton Street Cycles and Cycle King. These shops also sell second-hand bikes.
Visit Battels and check the info on the particular event. Regular formal dinners have different price when wine is included.
Formal Dinners can usually be cancelled via Battels up to three days before the event. For MCR events, contact the social secretaries or the treasurer.
The MCR punt can be booked from middle of March until October, you should also be able to catch a few weeks near the end of the season when you first join. We will share a Google sign-up sheet and print punting tickets in the study room. First, enter your name in a free time slot on the Google sheet (do so much in advance as it becomes increasingly popular during Trinity Term). On the day of your punting slot, take one of the ticket from the study room, write your name and take this snippet with you to Cherwell Boathouse.
Every member of the MCR can book the Common room once a term for a private event. Please contact the MCR President much in advance.
We go to another college to visit their site and have their formal, that college will then send members to us a week later to eat. You will need to pay the price of 2 formals.
In normal parlance, one could safely presume that a 'formal' and a 'smart' dress code would be synonyms for one another. However, Oxford, like in many other things, insists on doing things differently.

For events with 'smart' as a dress code, such as the graduate dinner, MCR dinners, and all other formal dinners at college, the general guide to dress is as follows:

Men: Typically wear a dark suit with a tie
Women: Cocktail dresses are very popular - save your ball gowns for ball season in Trinity term!

However, at Anne's formals you will not be turned away for dressing inappropriately; even so, people will usually make an effort to look their best (e.g. no jeans, no torn clothing, no sportswear).

Formal attire:

Formal attire usually implies that one wear a gown and something smart underneath (see below). However, with very few exceptions, at St Anne's you will not need to wear a gown to any event save your matriculation ceremony to which you MUST wear sub fusc. If you are invited to formal dinners at other colleges, you may be required to wear a gown; however, simply ask the person inviting you to advise you on the appropriate dress code for these

Black and White tie:

These are the two most formal dress codes you will likely encounter at Oxford. However, aside from if you are feeling flush in Trinity ball season, and have friends who invite you to special and expensive dinners in other colleges, you will not need to wear this at St Anne's.

Men: Dark suit/tuxedo, white shirt, black bow tie (for black tie), white bow tie (for white tie)
Women: Ball gown/prom dress or other similar equivalent

Sub Fusc:

Sub Fusc is worn at matriculation and exams. For the official description of the Sub Fusc, see the university website.

You should all have been given explanations about your matriculation ceremony and the sub fusc uniform by the college in the information packs you received when you arrived. However, if any of you are still unsure about it the attire is as follows:

Men: Dark closed shoes, black suit/tuxedo, white dress shirt, black tie/black bow tie/white bow tie, graduate gown, mortar board

Women: Dark smart shoes, Dark stockings, black skirt/trousers, white collared shirt, black ribbon tie thingamabob/ black tie, graduate gown, mortar board.

Please note that the university regulations for sub fusc are NOT actually gender specific and so you need not feel constrained to the gender binaries suggested by the above recommendations.

Sub fusc is required for your matriculation ceremony and all examinations you may take during your time at Oxford.

We hope this helps you navigate the at times unfamiliar, sometimes downright archaic, but usually fun dress codes and look forward to seeing you bedecked in all your finery in due course.
You will need to complete an application and submit to the college, usually by the Friday of 5th Week of each term. Grant requests of more than £150 require the support of your supervisor. Any unsuccessful or partially successful grants will be forwarded along to the MCR Academic Affairs Officer for further review, though the available fund is much smaller (typically £500 per term). Please contact college for more information.
Most of you should already be added to the mailing list. However, you might not be on it because your email was set-up later, in which case send a blank e-mail to and reply to the automatic response that is sent to you.
Send a blank e-mail to and reply to the automatic response that is sent to you.

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