Meal Times, Formal Halls and Special Dinners


During term (usually between 0th and 9th Week), meals run as follows:

MealTimeBookings – Payment MethodPrices
Breakfast (Monday-Friday)8.00-9.30 amNo – BodCard0.35 GBP per item
Lunch (Monday-Friday)12.15-1.45 pmNo – BodCard2.90 GBP main, 0.90 GBP sides
Dinner (Monday-Friday except Formal Hall nights)6.15-7.30 pmNo – BodCard2.90 GBP main, 0.90 GBP sides
Brunch (Saturday)11.00-1.00 pmNo – BodCard0.35 GBP per item
Roast (Sunday)12.00-2.00 pmNo – BodCard2.90 GBP main, 0.90 GBP sides
Formal Halls (Thursdays Week 4 and 8, Fridays Week 2 and 6)7.15 pmYes – Student Meal System16.00 GBP (19.00 GBP with wine)

Hall menu will be released at the beginning of each week, these can be found here.

Bookings and Prices (except Formal Halls)

Just show up with your Bod Card – make sure to top it up in advance here. Each main course costs £2.90 and you can pick up to 3 different sides at 90p each.

Venue (except Formal Halls)

All meals take place in the Dining Hall and are self-service.

Formal Halls

Formal halls take place on Thursdays of Week 4 and 8 and Fridays of Week 2 and 6 of each term. They consist of a three-course meal, and are preceded by drinks and followed by port and chocolates in the MCR. The dinners are open to all MCR members, and each member may bring up to three guests. Bookings are completed here.

Bookings and Prices

Formal dinners must be booked in advance through the Student Meal System and cost £16.00 for dinner and £19.00 for dinner with wine. The system allows you to indicate your dietary requirements (vegetarian, vegan, gluten-free, other allergies…).

Dress Code

The dress code for a Formal Dinner is Smart. This includes suit and tie, national dress, cocktail dress, jacket, blouse and trousers. Unlike many other colleges, academic gowns are not required.


We have a communal kitchen equipped with cooking supplies, a microwave, stove, fridge, dishwasher and a Nespresso machine. It is regularly supplied with tea and coffee, and as such a very social space where you can have (not so) confidential conversations.

Special Dinners

A few times a term, traditional Formal Halls are replaced by special dinners to mark different milestones of the academic year and celebrate college traditions and history.

Freshers Dinner

Every year, the College holds a special formal dinner in Week 0th to welcome all incoming graduates. The seating plan is arranged according to your subject, and incoming students are seated next to fellows, MCR committee members and college administrators with whom they share interests.

Christmas Dinner

College organizes a Christmas dinner every year to mark the end of Michaelmas Term. See it as a very fancy Formal Hall with pre-drinks and second dessert.

MCR Dinners

These dinners are a luxurious affair. While traditional formal halls gather undergraduate, postgraduate students and the college staff, MCR dinners only gather postgraduate students. 26 students gather and dine in the Upper Common Room (UCR) with tickets costing £23.00 apiece. Dinner involves pre-dinner sparkling wine or orange juice in the Lower Common Room (LCR), a 3-course meal with a different wine for each course, and port, chocolates, and coffee after dinner.

MCR Murder Mystery Dinners

Each term, the MCR organizes a whole evening, including a 3-course meal and various drinks, dedicated to one question: who’s the murderer?! You’ll be assigned a role beforehand, you will dress up accordingly, act as your character and receive new hints throughout the evening. At the end, you must decide who the murderer is. This decision is usually discussed extensively afterwards in the college bar.

Founders Dinner

A special formal dinner is organized each Hilary Term to commemorate the foundation of the College. This is the only formal of the year to which we wear our academic gowns.