Music Society


About the Society


St Anne’s College, Oxford has a range of musical groups for anyone to get involved with. More information about our ensembles, events and committee is below. As well as our ensembles, there are regular recitals as part of the Beyond the Dots series, termly open mic nights and concerts. Our Ensembles have Facebook pages so make sure to like them if you are interested in a particular group.


St Anne’s own website is





  • Open Mic Nights
    The college holds open mic nights a couple of times a term, and they’re a fantastic way to showcase the talent on offer in an informal setting.
  • College Concerts
    These normally happen at the end of term but there are many other opportunities during term so like this page to keep updated.
  • External Events
    These are music events/lectures held at St Anne’s college, open to members of the University. This page will be updated to include these events so you will always know what is going on.


President: Lennox Smith ()
Secretary: Livi van Warmelo
Social Secretary: Maz Sutton


Like us on Facebook, follow us on Twitter ( see our website for further details ( or email our current President, Lennox Smith ( or ) for more information about concerts, rehearsals or anything else!