St Anne’s Academic Review 8 – 2018

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STAAR Volume 8

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Editorial Committee 2017-2018


Table of Contents


I. Letter from the Editor
by Alexandra Jamieson, p. i


II. Announcements, p. ii


New Horizons


1. Why Artificial Intelligence Will Enable New Scientific Discoveries
by Andrew Briggs, Department of Materials, p. 1


Creative Writing

2. Sunday Morning Dimsum
by Tiffany Ren, Faculty of English, p. 4



3. ‘All models are wrong. Some models are useful’
by Shuchi Vora, School of Geography and the Environment, p. 6


Field Reviews

4. Oil and Corruption in Africa: Who is to Blame?
by Pierpaolo Crivellaro, African Studies Centre, p. 12


5. Making the Impossible: An Overview of Additive Manufacturing
by Harry Orchard, Department of Materials, p. 18


6. Understanding Secularism and Secularisation: A Case Study of India
by Muhammad Bakht Jamshaid Baryar, School of Geography and the Environment, p. 29


7. Emerging Viral Pathogens: New Threats in Global Health
by Ciaran Gilbride, Doctoral Training Centre in Interdisciplinary Bioscience, p. 37


8. Meat Without the Animals: Cleaning our Conscience with Clean Meat
by Alex Norman and Pranay Shah, Department of Biochemistry, p. 48


Book Review
9. The Rights of Nature, by David R. Boyd
by Shuchi Vora, School of Geography and the Environment, p. 66



10. San Junipero: The Postmodern Dream of Immortality and the End of Utopia
by Sotirios Triantafyllos, Faculty of History, p. 69


11. Brazilian Voices in the Making: Paulo Pontes, Chico Buarque and Euripides’ Medea
by Fabiana Lopes da Silveira, Faculty of Classics, p. 79


Field Review
12. Understanding the Paleofluid Records: a Case Study of Southern Utah
by Rebecca Tyne, Department of Earth Sciences, p. 87


Book Review
13. NO MONO. Capitalism without corporations, by Walter Oswalt
by Anselm Küsters, Faculty of History, p. 97


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