St Anne’s Academic Review 4 – 2012

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STAAR Volume 4

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Contributors and Editors, pp. 1-5

Table of Contents, p. 6


Editor’s letter
by Himanshu Kaul, p. 7


St Anne’s Seminars

1. The Management of Major Programmes: The Problems and Their Causes
by Samantha Akomeah, pp. 9-12


2. The Poetics and Aesthetics of Fashion: Exploring the literary status of Stephane Mallarmé’s fashion magazine, ‘La Dernière Mode’
by Caroline Ardrey, pp. 13-18


3. How does the Human Brain perceive Speech
by Kate Watkins, pp. 19-22


4. Business & Society Version 3.0: Attending to what stakeholders attend to
by Mike Barnett, pp. 23-24


St Anne’s Research

5. Processing of Novel Topological Insulators in Thin Film Form
by Rory Barker, pp. 26-30


6. The Commodification of Literature and the Critic
by Octavia Cox, pp. 31-34


7. The Context of Corruption: Translocal Dimensions. Insights from Uganda
by Sebastian Haug, pp. 35-40


8. A Justiciable Right to Health
by Molly Joyce, pp. 41-47


9. Up from the Archives – Research at the Houghton Library
by April Pierce, pp. 48-49


St Anne’s Originals

10. Poetry by Octavia Cox, p. 51


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