St Anne’s Academic Review 3 – 2011

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STAAR Volume 3

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Copyright Information, p. 1


Contributors and Editors, pp. 2-4


Table of Contents, p. 5


Word from the Editors, pp. 6-7


St Anne’s Subject Family Events

1. Water: The Most Important Molecule in Drug Discovery
by Gregory Ross, pp. 9-12


2. Producing a critical edition of a Golden Age Spanish play
by Naomi Walker, pp. 13-15


St Anne’s Research

3. Assessing Opportunities for a Sustainable Wood-biomass Energy System in Southeast Alaska
by Munish Sikka, pp. 17-22


4. Gifted and talented education from the students’ point of view
by Robert Seddon, pp. 23-26


5. The Effects of the Navigation Acts on English Transatlantic Trade: An Overview
by Mark Uttley, pp. 27-30


St Anne’s Highlight of the Year

6. COURSEHORSE.IT – A team from Oxford wins SV2UK
by Nilu Satharasinghe, pp. 32-34


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