I hope term is going well for you so far and you’ve been enjoying the many events, talks and dinners the college has put on so far. From now on, the St. Anne’s Science Discussion Group will be blogging a few times a month to bring you news about science going on in Oxford and events you may be interested in and around the university. In this first release, we’d like to highlight what has gone on in the SDG so far this term and a scientific magazine that may be of interest to you all, called Bang!.

SDG so far

I think everyone who attended an SDG event so far will say that the talks have been really interesting. We’ve heard from: Dame Jocelyn Bell about Women in Science; Dr. Luca Melchiori about an extremely promising T-cell therapy for cancer; Prof. Michael Brand on neurogenesis and his work in investigating how cell regeneration could work for humans; Lord Robert May on scientific policy bringing in a lot of experience acquired during his time as chief science officer in the UK government; and this week we’ll be hearing from Howard Rogers when he’ll be discussing ‘fracking’, a topic which until recently was on everybody’s lips.

Bang! Magazine

The first thing we’d like to bring to your attention is the Bang! Magazine. The new issue has just been released and it’s a great way of finding out all the great science going on in Oxford at the minute, via a very aesthetically pleasing medium.

We look forward to seeing some of you this weeks SDG with Howard Rogers!

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