Fitness at St Anne’s College

1. E-mail the lodge manager (lodge.manager[@] and ask for an application form.
2. Return the application form and book an induction time with the MCR (sports[@] or JCR Sports Secretary.
3. If you are advised to seek medical approval before using the fitness rooms, make sure you do so before your induction.
4. Pick up your membership card from your pige, you will be billed £10* for your induction.


Freshers Week Induction Times (TBA)


The fitness rooms are outfitted with free weights, a bench press, and a variety of cardio machines. A number of rowing machines are available on the main site in the Erg Room, which is located in Room 2 of 6 Bevington Road; to gain access, you will need to get the door code from the Lodge.


*All funds go directly to the maintenance of the fitness rooms & their equipment.