St Anne’s Academic Review 7 – 2017

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STAAR Volume 7

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Table of Content


I. Letter from the Editor
by Emily Schulz, p. i


II. Letter from the Principal
by Helen King QPM, p. ii



1. The Cypherpunk Vision of Techno-Politics
by Maud Barret Bertelloni, pp. 1-6


2. Necessary Existents and State Space Theory
by AJ Gilbert, pp. 7-13


3. When Excellence Kills Education: A Foucauldian Enquiry into Academia and Ambition
by Friedrich Püttmann, pp. 14-22


4. Ana Luísa Amaral and the Portuguese Canon
by Tom Stennett, pp. 23-31



5. A Modern-Day Dystopia: Can We Avoid the Post-Antibiotic Era?
by Oliver Adams, pp. 32-38


6. Nuclear Fusion: How Difficult Is It and Why Is It Taking So Long?
by Alexander Leide, pp. 39-46


7. An Investigation of Dyspraxia: What We Know and Why the Research Is So Far Behind
by Emily Meachon, pp. 47-52


8. Superconducting Materials and Technologies: From Magnets to Quantum Computers
by Harry Orchard, pp. 53-62


Social Sciences

9. Does the End Justify the Means? Should Humanitarian Needs Render the Use of Force Lawful?
by Eirini Fasia, pp. 63-67


10. Pay or Play: The Varoufakis Negotiations from a Game-Theoretical Perspective
by Anselm Küsters, pp. 68-74


11. Revisiting Roman Contracts: Justinian’s Treatment of the Contract Verbis and Litteris
by Kal KC Leung, pp. 75-80


12. A Somewhat Brief History of Research on Scientific Thinking and Reasoning
by Diana Ng, pp. 81-90


13. What is “religion” in East Asia? With special reference to the role of place in “religion” in China and Japan before the nineteenth century
by Chui-Jun Tham, pp. 91-97



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