St Anne’s Academic Review 5 – 2014

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STAAR Volume 5

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Table of Contents


Editor’s Letter
by Kevin Busch, p. 1



1. Caucasian Chalk Circle
by Benedict Nicholson, pp. 2-5


2. The Ballad of Su Forty-three and the Problems of ‘Historical Memory’
by Hannah Theaker, pp. 6-21



3. The Origin of the Moon Revisited
by Helen Ashcroft, pp. 22-25


4. Pivotal disruption? Abnormal activity in motor control regions in stuttering
by Emily Connally, pp. 26-43


5. Intermediate band solar cells with A1As-capped quantum dots
by Jenna Holder, pp. 44-59


6. On the Mathematical Representation of Stem Cells
by Himanshu Kaul, 60-70


Social Sciences

7. Are Tuition Fees Inevitable in Expanding Higher Education Systems?
by Kristen Gartside, pp. 71-81


8. Review of Andro Linklater’s ‘Why Spencer Percival had to die: The Assassination of a British Prime Minister’
by Edward Hicks, pp. 82-86


9. A Critical Analysis of Media Representations of Terrorism: A Case Study of the Madrid 2004 Train Bombings
by Laura Puges, pp. 87-105


10. The effect of immediate feedback on the perception of Mandarin lexical tones by non-native speakers of Mandarin
by Cong Zhang, pp. 106-125


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