St Anne’s Academic Review 10 – 2020


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STAAR Volume 10
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Editorial Committee


Table of Contents


Letter From the Editor
by Alexander Kither, p. i


Due Diligence Report
by the STAAR Editorial Team, 2020, p. ii


Research Articles

How Does a Poem Mean?
Modes of Expression in Sonnets from the Portuguese

by Gregor Bauer – Faculties of English and Medieval and Modern Languages, p. 1


Protecting People from Climate Change Harm
by Lise Cazzoli – Oxford Department of International Development, p. 20


What is the Potential Complexity in the Management of the National Health Service?
by Daniel O’Callaghan – Oxford University Centre for the Environment, p. 46


Statistical Illiteracy Among Clinicians: A Review of the Evidence and the Ethical Problems it Generates
by Dr. Adrian Soto-Mota – Department of Physiology, Anatomy and Genetics, p. 60


Is that Authentic? Towards an Understanding of the Authenticity of Digital Replicas
by Daniel O’Callaghan – Oxford University Centre for the Environment, p. 70
Travel Report
Travel Report: Loneliness on Valentine’s Day My journey to the Lisbon Colloquium on Loneliness
by Dr. Benjamin Schaper – Faculty of Medieval and Modern Languages, p. 89


SPARK Reviews

The Hills are Alive with the Sound of Silence: Sound, Silence, and War in Terrence Malick’s A Hidden Life
by Joel Casey – Faculty of English, p. 84


Satire on Steroids in Autumn de Wilde’s Emma
by Elena Porter – Faculty of History, p.94


Sentinels Aloft: An Indifference of Birds Book Review
by Vicki Lee – Faculty of English, p.103


Because of This, Too, I Loved: A Review of Danez Smith’s homie
by Caroline King – Faculty of English, p. 108


Theatre and Exhibitions

A Socially-Distanced Romeo and Juliet Ballet at Sadler’s Wells
by Andreea Scridon – Faculty of English, p. 116


AMALGAM: Theaster Gates, Liverpool, and Monumentality
by Siân Round – Faculty of English, p. 123


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