St Anne’s Academic Review 1 – 2009

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STAAR Volume 1

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Copyright Information, p. 2


About the Contributors, pp. 3-5


Table of Contents, p. 6


STAAR Editorial welcome
by Daria Luchinskaya, pp. 7-8


St Anne’s Seminars

1. The Lunchtime Discussion Groups – a raison d’être
by Nina Alphey and Daria Luchinskaya, p. 9


2. Philip Pullman at the Arts and Humanities Discussion Group
by Rhianedd Jewell, pp. 10-11


3. Professor Virginia Berridge at the Arts and Humanities Discussion Group
by Chris Brown, p. 12


4. Professor David Williams at the Arts and Humanities Discussion Group
by David Williams, pp. 13-14


St Anne’s Conferences

5. How to obtain funding to attend an academic conference
by Nina Alphey and Christina Mayer, pp. 15-17


6. Report: 2009 Annual Meeting of the UK American Politics Group
by Zim Nwokora, pp. 18-19


7. Report: 2009 Annual Meeting of the Society for Thermal Medicine (STM)
by Sacha Nandlall, pp. 20-21


8. Report: Kyokusui no En – a Heian Poetry Festival
by Daria Luchinskaya, pp. 22-24


St Anne’s Research

9. Using computational modelling to combat sudden cardiac death
by Martin J. Bishop, pp. 25-29


10. What can gravity tell us about Africa’s export performance?
by Alberto Behar, pp. 30-33


11. Does Plato radically reject visual arts? References to the epistemological function of arts in Plato’s dialogues
by Sarah Hegenbart, pp. 34-37


12. Modelling Nano Peapods for Quantum Computing
by Ling Ge, pp. 38-41


13. Policy and Power: The Formulation of the Education Strategic Plan of Ghana
by Emefa J.A. Takyi-Amoako, pp. 42-45


14. Vacation Laboratory Studentship: Homology of the Daffodil Corona
by Hannah Greene, pp. 46-49



15. Lunchtime Discussion Groups and Subject Family Events: Past Speakers, pp. 50-52


16. STAAR Submissions Guidelines, pp. 53-53


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