St Anne’s Academic Review 9 – 2019


STAAR Volume 9
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Editorial Committee 2018-2019


Table of Contents


I. Letter from the Editor
by Alexandra Jamieson, p. i


II. Letter from STAAR Initiator
by Daria Luchinskaya, p. ii



1. The “Problem of Context” in Modernist Expression
by Luciano Grigera Naon – visiting student, BA candidate in English and Philosophy, Columbia College (NY), p. 1


2. What do the artistic representations of Antinous reveal about his reception in the Roman period?
by Emily Sherriff – MSt student, School of Archaeology, p. 14


3. The molecular link between inflammation and cancer: ubiquitin
by George Vere – MSc student, Department of Biochemistry, p. 24


Opinion Pieces

4. Dispelling misconceptions of nuclear energy technology
by Thomas P. Davis – DPhil candidate, Department of Materials, p. 34


5. The Design of Everyday Numbers
by Matthew Lau – DPhil candidate, Mathematical Institute, p. 46


SPARK Reviews

TV and Film


6. Years and Years (2019), Directed by Simon Cellan Jones (4 episodes) and Lisa Mulcahy (2 episodes)
by Michael Bicarregui – Humanities Division, p. 60


7. Suspiria (2018), Directed by Luca Guadagnino
by James Dobbyn – Department for Continuing Education, p. 70


8. The Favourite (2018), Directed by Yorgos Lanthimos
by Muhammad Babar Suleman – Ruskin School of Art, p. 76



9. Why We Sleep (2017), by Matthew Walker
by Virginia Casablancas Antras – Department of Chemistry, p. 85


10. The Book of Why (2018), by Judea Pearl & Dana Mackenzie
by Adrian Soto-Mota – Department of Physiology, Anatomy and Genetics, p. 92


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