St Anne’s Academic Review 6 – 2015

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STAAR Volume 6

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Editors and Contents


I. Introduction: Transcending Boundaries
by Bradley Blankemeyer, p. 3


Boundaries, Borders and Boats

1. The Boundaries of Discord: Italy’s Secret War Aims and the Treaty of London (1914-15)
by Stefano Marcuzzi, pp. 4-8


2. Orthodoxy, Heresy, or the Grey in Between? John Cassian and Early Medieval Theology
by Jennifer Chaloner, pp. 9-14


3. Optogenetics: Breaching the Boundary of Biology’s Black Box – “A Very Complicated Place”
by John Snape, pp. 15-20


4. Radical Disruption: Jonathan Crary’s 24/7: Late Capitalism and the Ends of Sleep
by Laura Ludtke, pp. 21-26


5. Ancient records of mountain building in the New England ‘Big Garnet’ Schist
by Anna Bidgood, pp. 27-29


6. On Boundaries and Boats
by Stephanie Kumah, pp. 30-31


7. Is the Earth Unique? What the different rocky bodies in our solar system can tell us about planet formation
by Helen Ashcroft, pp. 32-34


8. Does Empirical Knowledge Have a Limit?
by Kevin Busch, pp. 35-38


9. Globalisation and the Myth of a Drugs Crisis in Africa
by Simukai Chigudu, pp. 39-46


10. The Meritocracy Strikes Back
by Edward Hicks, pp. 47-59



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