Materials for Fusion Technology and the Future of Energy Production

Guillaume Paugam welcomes Brad Young on the podcast this week, to talk all things relating to his DPhil in Materials. Brad explains what Materials Science is about, before talking in depth but always in a very accessible way about his research interests. He works on novel materials to be used in a fusion environnement. Fusion is an exciting, promising and debated new way of producing electricity using nuclear technology. The advantages of fusion compared to the currently used nuclear fission technology could be massive – safer, using a much more abundant fuel than Uranium, and with a waste that would be easier to manage. But it is very expensive, and still unsure whether scientists will be able to reach a technology that can be used to power our homes. That, Brad’s trip to Fukushima and much more on STAMP Episode #3! 

International Development, Healthcare Access and Mental Health in Research

Guillaume Paugam welcomes Lise Cazzoli on the podcast this week, to talk about her DPhil in International Development. Lise focuses on how people living in areas hit by natural disasters can access healthcare, with a special interest in Haiti and Puerto Rico. In addition to healthcare access for physical illnesses, she also studies how people can get treated for chronic mental health conditions, prompting a more general discussion of mental health issues in research and for researchers. She also talks us through her fascinating field trip to coastal Guyana, and how that proved a defining moment in her DPhil research.