Academic and Careers Support


Senior Tutor: Dr Shannon McKellar Stephen

Our Tutor for Graduates, Dr Shannon McKellar Stephen, is also Senior Tutor and Tutor for Admissions. She leads the Academic Office, which handles all academic administration for students, from admissions to graduation, and is located on the first floor of Hartland House.


Academic Office Administrator, Mrs Sophie Okeke, is responsible for graduate matters, including GSO forms. Please see the College Website for the Academic Office contact details.


MCR Academic Affairs Officer

The MCR Academic Affairs Officer is our graduate representative to the College’s Academic Committee, which meets twice a term and discusses a wide range of academic matters related to undergraduates, graduates, and fellows at St Anne’s. These meetings happen every term in week 1 and week 5. If you know of any issue that you would like the MCR to discuss with the college, do not hesitate to get in touch with the Academic Affairs Officer in advance of each meeting.


The Academic Affairs Officer is also responsible for promoting graduate-led academic endeavours, such as the Interdisciplinary Discussion Groups, the St Anne’s Academic Review (STAAR), the 3-Minute Thesis Competition and Careers Day. 
For any academic-related questions or concerns, please contact the MCR Academic Affairs Officer at .


Scholarships and Grants:

St Anne’s offers a number of Graduate Scholarships, Graduate Development Scholarships and Travel and Research Grants. Information on the application process is circulated by the college in HT each year. Please see the College’s Graduate Scholarships page for full details on the awards available.


The MCR also helps with funding related to travel for research or conferences, in addition to the college grants. Each term, the college’s Academic Office forwards unsuccessful or partially successful applications for travel grants to the MCR Academic Affairs Officer for review and potential further funding. The MCR fund is worth about £1000 a term and is distributed between as many applicants as possible by a Selection Committee of MCR members.


On average, we aim to assign:


£50 for presenting a paper,
£40 for a research trip,
£30 for presenting a poster,
£20 for attending courses or conferences.


Please note that these amounts may vary depending on the availability of resources and individual circumstances.
See the College Travel Grants page for details on how to apply.