St Anne’s Academic Review 9 – 2019 (Pre-print)


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Open for Reviews: STAAR Volume 9



A pre-print version of articles submitted for publication in STAAR 2019 is now available for open review. If you would like to review a piece, please click on the article’s title to get the full text and the review form.


The pieces displayed here have been edited but are not final. Your suggestions will be taken into account by the author in making revisions and by the editorial board in making the final decisions on acceptance. The full Issue 9 of St Anne’s Academic Review will come out in October 2019.


Opinion Pieces

1. Dispelling misconceptions of nuclear energy technology: How Generation IV nuclear reactors could become the key to achieving the 2015 Paris Climate Agreement
by Thomas P. Davis – DPhil candidate, Department of Materials


2. The Design of Everyday Numbers
by Matthew Lau – DPhil candidate, Mathematical Institute



3. The Lonely Londoners and the Quest for the Ho(me)ly Land
by Valeria Taddei – DPhil candidate, Faculty of Medieval and Modern Languages

4. What do the artistic representations of Antinous reveal about his reception in the Roman period?
by Emily Sherriff – MSt student, School of Archaeology

5. Modernist Expression and the Problem of Context
by Luciano Grigera Naon – visiting student, BA candidate in English and Philosophy, Columbia College (NY)


6. Inflammation, cancer, and ubiquitin
by George Vere – MSc student, Department of Biochemistry


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