Michael Blastland – Data Eureka

Date(s) - Friday, February 28, 2014
12:45 pm - 2:00 pm


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Seminar Room 3


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Michael ‘stats grenade’ Blastland is a freelance writer and broadcaster. He created More or Less on Radio 4, which is the best current affairs programme on TV or radio, and co-wrote two excellent books The Tiger that Isn’t with Andrew Dilnot about numbers in the news, and The Norm Chronicles with David Speigelhalter about risk. Most recently he co-wrote and produced the 10 part series A History of Britain in Numbers for Radio 4, also presented by Andrew Dilnot, and has been presenting a new series on behavioural science called The Human Zoo.


Blastland has spent years thinking of ways to communicate data. Lately, technology has created exciting possibilities that might help us to understand data better. And not just particular datasets, but the whole business of statistics and how it works. Data presentation, in other words, that makes people feel smarter – with examples to try out and discuss.


Here he is explaining why you should fritter your money away on roulette and why you ought to buy every lottery ticket if the jackpot is above £14m:


“An attractive inner force draws you to Blastland, which you can neither explain nor trumpet.” Rebecca Taylor from Slow Club


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