IDG: Mathematical paradoxes, magic, and human perception

Date(s) - Wednesday, February 14, 2018
12:45 pm - 2:00 pm


12 people are going

Seminar Room 3


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“Mathematical paradoxes, magic, and human perception”

Speaker: Dr. Søren Riis

Abstract:  The talk presents visual illusions and mathematics illusions. Through a series of examples, it demonstrates the similarities between them. Optical illusions arise from the brain processing mechanism and mathematical illusions from counter-intuitive reasoning. Together, these two types of illusions appear to us indistinguishable from magic!


Dr. Søren Riis (DPhil in Mathematics, University of Oxford) currently works at the Centre of Discrete Mathematics & School of Electronic Engineering & Computer Science, Queen Mary, University of London. His research is on Logic and Foundations of Mathematics, Algebra and Algorithms. He is also a very keen amateur magician.


A lunch buffet will be provided, please specify any dietary requirements in the Comments sections.


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